Reggie in absentia on his Birthday

Let us remember with gratitude the gift of Reginaldus Foster in our lives, and - Reggie in absentia - let us carry forward in our various ways the mission he inspired within us. Here is my reflection on his passing. I have collected links to Reggie’s works and to writings about him which you can find here. Please send additional links to me by email. On the 82nd anniversary of his birth, the first since his passing, let me give an account of our project Latinitatis … [Read more...]

Send your ludi

Send your ludi to be included in the collection of Reggie's ludi. We are preparing a fitting monument to this career-long work by Reggie in volume 4 of Latinitatis Corpus, "Latin's Body".  Scan your ludi and send them to Daniel McCarthy at this email address.OR send them in the post to one of the address given at the bottom of this page. We shall acknowledge the names of people who donate ludi, so send your ludi, please, and be included among those who have donated. Below is a list … [Read more...]


This week the publisher began filling advance orders and shipping copies of Ossium Carnes Multae to customers. You may receive your copy soon.  O that Reginaldus noster were to hold in his hand a copy for which he spent his life. This volume completes Reggie's doctoral studies at the Salesianum interrupted by a forty-year career as papal Latinist when he developed his own method of teaching the Latin language. Reggie was so delighted to talk about this volume as … [Read more...]

Requiescat in pace Reginaldus

links to obituaries, publications, reviews, blogs, articles by / about Reginald Foster on this web-page. Funeral arrangements: On account of the current restrictions due to the pandemic, the funeral Mass and burial will be held privately, with only the Discalced Carmelite community and family members in attendance. A memorial Mass and celebration of Fr. Reginald’s life is expected to be planned at a later time in the year when friends, colleagues and students are again free to travel and to … [Read more...]