Greg Carrier

Greg Carrier, Latin tutorGreg Carrier began studying Latin while reading medieval history at the University of Alberta (Canada). He quickly acquired a love for Latin, but was dissatisfied with the methodologies he encountered, until learning of Reginald Foster’s method. He joined us for the summer 2016 term to refresh his Latin and to familiarise himself with Reginald’s method with a particular focus on self-study.

Greg is also deaf and legally blind, which has inspired his interest in adapting Reginald’s teaching materials for self-study. Since the summer, Greg has been working through the ludi under Reginald’s direction with an eye to determining how to adapt the system to allow, in future, for self-directed study of Latin with an online component. His hope is to show that Latin can be studied not only sub arboribus, but per computatrum as well.

This summer, Greg will offer a section of Beginner’s Latin for d/Deaf participants.

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