Laura Pooley

Laura Pooley Beginning Latin tutorLaura Pooley (MA) studied Classics and English at St John’s College, Oxford.  She graduated with a First Class degree and the Passmore Edwards Prize.

Laura Pooley, Latinist

During her time at Oxford Laura spent an intercalating year in Rome, where she studied Latin with Reggie Foster, simultaneously attending the First, Second, Third and Fourth Experiences.  Laura took copious notes on both the class work and the Ludi, which have since provided the backbone of her teaching.  Laura has taught Latin Language from beginners’ language to advanced level reading classes at Nottingham, Oxford and currently Cambridge University.  She also teaches Latin to schoolchildren in East Anglia, covering both GCSE and A Level.

Laura is the author of the Ossa Ostensa series of workbooks demonstrating the teaching method and exercises of Reginald Foster.

Laura Pooley, Opera singer

The rest of Laura’s time is spent singing opera professionally for companies such as Welsh National Opera.  She also has an MA from Wales International Academy of Voice where she studied with Dennis O’Neill. Her professional web-site is found here.

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