Jonathan Day

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Jonathan Day’s first exposure to Latin was at school, where a brilliant teacher conveyed a few powerful maxims: Don’t try to read word-for-word! Find the verb! Work out who’s doing what to whom! These served him well as he marched through Caesar’s wars, listened to Cicero’s orations, laughed at Plautus and thrilled to the songs of Vergil, Ovid and Catullus. Jonathan continued Latin studies at university. His postgraduate degrees are in psychology (Johns Hopkins) and theology (University of Chicago), but his interest in Latin never waned. For many years, he has been part of the new rite Latin Mass celebrated each Sunday at Farm Street, the Jesuit church in London; he has taught liturgical Latin at the Mount Street Jesuit Centre and written about Latin translation for the Pray Tellblog.

Last year he completed the Advanced Latin and Cicero’s Letters classes at Ealing, preparing for these by working through the First, Second and Third Experiences and some 50 of the accompanying Ludi Domestici. The experience was so exhausting and so positive that he has returned for more, excited about the privilege of introducing beginners to Latin and to Reggie Foster’s method.

Jonathan is the chief executive of Tapestry Networks, a professional services firm; chair of the board of governors of Newman University, Birmingham; and an enthusiastic amateur cellist.

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