Reggie in absentia on his Birthday

Let us remember with gratitude the gift of Reginaldus Foster in our lives, and – Reggie in absentia – let us carry forward in our various ways the mission he inspired within us.

Here is my reflection on his passing. I have collected links to Reggie’s works and to writings about him which you can find here. Please send additional links to me by email.

Reggie tells dan about the Cicero book.

On the 82nd anniversary of his birth, the first since his passing, let me give an account of our project Latinitatis corpus.

Latinitatis corpus

Ossa Latinitatis Corpus: The Mere Bones of Latin has been well received. There is every indication that it is being used in educational programs for teaching the Latin language and so his method should continue to grow. You may read reviews listed at the bottom of this page.

Available in eBook and paperback from the publisher here.

Image of cover of book: Ossium Carnes Multae

Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant was and even greater source of pride to Reginaldus, the completion of his dissertation and fruition of a life’s work. You may read the few reviews listed at the bottom of this page. Many journals did not review this series beyond the publication of Ossa with the unfortunate consequence that the unique contribution of this volume is not more broadly known. Request a review copy for publishing a review.

Available as an eBook and paperback from the publisher here.

Book presentation: Ossium. Several people spoke in Latin at the presentation of Ossium: Reginald had prepared a video presentation of the volume. His long-time colleagues from the Vatican Office of Latin Letters also spoke: Fr. Antonio Salvi, OFMCap and Mons. Waldemar Turek. Archbishop Arthur Roche, then soon to be named Prefect of the Vatican Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, also gave a presentation in Latin. A fuller description of the presentation along with a link to watch the video are available on this web-page.

Os Praesens Ciceronis Epistularis: The immediate mouth of Cicero in his letters is in the final stage of preparation. This volume features Reginald’s recitation of the same 51 letters of Cicero as appear in Ossium. The audio component was edited by Patricius M. Owens for as great a clarity as our humble recordings would yield. The audio with the printed component were submitted to the publisher, but I am currently making a few last editorial changes in the printed text soon to be completed. Description here

Ossibus Ludi Exercendis: Games for Exercising the Bones is in development. I have collected approximately 1,200 unique ludi which we anticipate publishing in two if not three bound and oversized volumes. A significant number of these ludi need editing to remove hand written answers. These are ready for editing after submitting the final draft of Os. Description here.

Ossibus revisenda migrantibus: As Bones Roam About, Things – Places – Events to be revisited is a compilation of all the booklets Reginaldus prepared for his famous tours. These have been compiled but have yet to be further considered. Description here.

New Workbook using Reginald’s method

Ossa Ostensa by Laura Pooley

A workbook for teachers and self-teachers using Reginald’s method is now available under the title Ossa Ostensa: A Proven System for Demystifying Latin. Book One prepared by Laura Pooley. She took all five of Reggie’s Experiences in one year at the Gregorian University and has prepared this workbook from her experience then and teaching Latin since using Reginald’s method. Each Encounter includes abundant classical and post-classical including ecclesiastical example sentences for teachers to use in the classroom. Volumes corresponding to the Third and Fourth Experiences are in their final stages of editing as well as other helpful teaching material especially for self-learners. Description here.

Available in paperback from the publisher here

Reggie on Latin Prayers

Reginaldus wrote a couple of chapters on liturgical prayers for volumes we published at St. Michael’s Abbey Press, Farnborough, England. Those volumes are now distributed in the USA by Catholic University of America Press. An explanation of the volumes is available in the current catalogue available on page 48 here,

and fuller descriptions of the volumes are available on the following web-pages:

R.T. Foster, “Collectarum latinitas”, in Appreciating the Collect, description here.

Hardback from CUA Press here.

R.T. Foster, “Presentation of the Selected Orations of the Easter Vigil”, in Transition in the Easter Vigil,description here.

Hardback from CUA Press here.

Vatican II and Church Architecture

Verbum ac Spiritus: Word and Spirit by D. McCarthy

Reginald corrected my English versions of hundreds of Latin texts from speeches made during the Second Vatican Council and minutes of committees involved in the work of the council. These texts were chosen for their relevance to church architecture. The volume is now available from the publisher and soon to be available through CUA Press: Verbum ac Spiritus. Word and Spirit: On the double role of presiding in the assembly and directing the prayer, description here.

Hardback available from the publisher here.

A study of the Latin texts of The Collects for Ordinary Time by Gerard Moore is available from CUA Press and Farnborough Abbey, description here.

Hardback available from the publisher here.


We continue to teach the Latin Language using Reginald’s method during our two-week summer session 15-26 August 2022 held in person and perhaps online at Ealing, London in the UK, and we offer online or in person private tuition (tutoring) throughout the year by appointment.

Summer course description here.

Private tuition (tutoring) description here.

Latin and Greek in English in Rome

You are welcome to study Latin and/or Greek in English in Rome for one semester or for the full academic year from early October throughout May. You may request guest accommodation at Sant’Anselmo, on the crest of the Aventine hill, where you can live, eat, study and pray in Latin and Italian with the resident monastic community and students of the Athenaeum. The Latin course follows the method developed by Reginald Foster teaching Latin in Rome for over 40 years.  Read more information here 

and another account here

Information on the Greek course is available here

and another account here

You may enjoy reading my reflections on teaching Latin in Rome: “An Elephant Underwater – Learning the Latin Language” available here.

photo of James Leachman
Dom James Leachman sitting at Reggie’s desk in his Vatican office

Training Translators of Latin Liturgical Texts

The Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments sponsors a program for Training Translators of Latin Liturgical Texts which is held at Sant’Anselmo. The first session concerns more the language and its English expression, whereas the second nuralgic difficulties in translating liturgical texts along with instructions from the Congregation and procedures for working with and submitting vernacular translations to the congregation. If you would like to join us, please request your bishop to recommend you to the Congregation for this program. You may read more here.

RIP Dom James Leachman

I shall end on a sad personal note. Some of you may know my colleague and good friend Fr James Leachman, OSB, monk of Ealing Abbey, London. James passed away this past summer due to Covid and previous health complications. Please spare a prayer for James and all who were close to him. You may read an obituary of him here.

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