Latin courses

Latin courses: mosaic of Benedict of Nursia when a school boy in RomeOur Latin courses use Reginald Foster’s method and are offered in summer and during the academic term in both Milwaukee, Wisconsin and London, England.

Reginald teaches Latin during the academic year at St. Florian’s parish school, Milwaukee.

Reginald teaches Latin during the summer months of June and July at the level of Iuniores et Seniores also at St. Florian School, Milwaukee. More information here.

Reginald is available during the academic year for private tutoring. More information here.

Daniel and James teach Latin using Reginald’s method during August in Ealing, London, England. More information here.

James teaches Latin using Reginald’s method at Sant’Anselmo, Rome.


Contact information for Reginald is available on this web-page.

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