Reginaldus Thomas Foster

Fr. Reginaldus Thomas Foster is a Discalced Carmelite priest from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

An image of Reginaldus Thomas Foster

For forty years a papal Latinist and professor of the Latin language, he is renowned for his unique pedagogical method and presentation of the living Latin language. His long experience of the Latin language and dedication to teaching have made his clear presentation of Latin the standard method of teaching the language directly and without jargon or confusing terminology. In 2010 the University of Notre Dame in Indiana recognized ReginaldusLegum Doctorhonoris causa for his contribution to the field of Latin studies. Reginald continues to teach Latin for free in Milwaukee throughout the year and during summer school every June and July.

A video of Reginald that appeared on Milwaukee Fox news channel 6 is found on YouTube here.

Another video of his work in Rome is narrated in Latin and German also on YouTube here.

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