James Leachman

photo of James LeachmanFr. James Leachman OSB is a monk of Ealing Abbey, London, tenured associate professor at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute, Rome and guest professor at the Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium. He is assistant editor of Ecclesia Orans, co-founder of the project Appreciating the Liturgy. He is a founding member of the Institutum liturgicum. He has written articles on the liturgy of the Church of England in Ecclesia Orans, on the sources and theology of the RCIA in Studia Liturgica, and most recently in New Blackfriars in Sewanee Theological Review and in Questions liturgiques


Professional – personal Web-site

Liturgy Institute : Institutum liturgicum, Ealing

Appreciating the Liturgy : Liturgiam aestimare

Documenta rerum ecclesiasticarum instaurata

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