This week the publisher began filling advance orders and shipping copies of Ossium Carnes Multae to customers. You may receive your copy soon. 

Reginald was so delighted with the Ossium volume

O that Reginaldus noster were to hold in his hand a copy for which he spent his life. This volume completes Reggie’s doctoral studies at the Salesianum interrupted by a forty-year career as papal Latinist when he developed his own method of teaching the Latin language. Reggie was so delighted to talk about this volume as you can see here.

Order eBook and Print

You may order the eBook or print version of the volume directly from the publisher CUA Press here.

The first volume, Ossa Latinitatis Sola, is also available as an eBook or in paperback; order it directly from the publisher CUA Press here.

Reviews – Corrigenda

Review copies may be requested here. If you write a review, please email Daniel McCarthy so that a link to your review may be placed on the web-page of the volume here as has been done for the Ossa volume. If you find any errors in the text, please, they may also be noted on the same web-page.

Amazon orders

Amazon will eventually update its web-page for this volume. Remember when Amazon says the volume is out of stock, you may still be able to order it directly from the publisher.

Orders shipped to Europe will take more time for a supply to be shipped by boat to the European distributor where the orders will be filled and copies of the book sent via postal service to customers.

Image of cover of book: Ossium Carnes Multae, now shipping

OSSIUM book presentation online 20 April 2021

Mark your calendar for a book presentation to be held in Rome on 20 April 2021 hopefully available by livestream and in person from 11:45-12:30 local time at Sant’Anselmo on the Aventine hill. The event is scheduled for the day before the 2,774th anniversary of the founding of Rome. 

Os: conversational companion to the Cicero volume

The final draft of the third volume Os praesens Ciceronis epistularis: The immediate mouth of Cicero in his letters has been submitted to the publisher for final editing.

Audio recitation by Reggie: This is a companion volume to Ossium whose 51 letters by Cicero were recited by Reginald in an audio component of this volume so that you may hear how the words go together in phrases which build the structure of each sentence and letter. This audio volume is accompanied by a printed volume which presents Cicero’s letters along with our English renderings of them so that you may easily read along while listening to the recitations.

Teach like Reggie in the classroom. The printed volume also includes 160 imagined conversations between an instructor and students in a classroom which indicate how you may teach the Latin language using the authentic sentences of Cicero from the very first day of instruction unto the perennial readings of Latin literature (description). If you want to learn how to teach like Reggie, study these dialogues he helped to write.

Reggie describes his own method of teaching Latin. Reggie once described his method of teaching, now presented here in his original Latin and in an English rendering done with the author himself.

Send your ludi

You may still send your ludi for inclusion in the fourth volume; an updated catalogue of ludi received will soon appear on this post here.

Write a Latin dedication to Reginald

Please consider writing a dedication to Reginald in Latin; we shall publish as many as space allows in this the fifth and final volume which will contain the tours Reginald gave in and around Rome. Send your compositions to Daniel McCarthy at this email address. Also include instructions for giving your name and affiliation correctly. For example:

Daniel P. McCarthy
monk of Atchison Kansas
Lecturer, Pontifical Institute of Liturgy
Co-founder, Liturgy Institute London
Guest prof., KU Leuven

Ossa Ostensa

Ossa Ostensa is a companion series by Laura Pooley (bio) who attended all five Experiences of Reggie during one academic year. She presents the way he taught in the classroom along with copious example sentences of both classical and later Latin to illustrate every encounter of the Ossa volume. Her first volume will be published this year by Catholic Education Press, an imprint of CUA Press. Read the description on page 32/34 of the current catalogue available here. Advance ordering may be placed here

RIP Reginaldus

Very many links to publications, videos and blogs by Reggie and about him are available at this link here along with links to obituaries, the funeral homily, the communique from the Vatican. You are welcome to submit links to other similar publications to Daniel McCarthy at this email address.


We hope you enjoy this volume most representative of the life’s work of Reginald Foster.

cover of Ossium Carnes Multae Shipping

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