Letters of Cicero

Read the Letters of Cicero with Reginald Foster and Daniel McCarthy, not in Rome but Atchison, KansasThis event is confirmed. More information to come soon.

Would you like to read the letters of Cicero with Reginald Foster in anticipation of  the publiation of the book Ossium carnes multaeThe Bones’ Meats Abundant?

I send this email out to explore whether is any interest in attending these sessions with Reggie proposed to be hosted by St Benedict’s Abbey, Atchison, Kansas. The daily readings of Cicero’s letters will include both those we have prepared for publication in our book and other letters selected for the occasion.

The sessions are tentatively scheduled for:

19-23 May 2014

Atchison, Kansas


By the end of December 2013, I shall confirm whether or not we are able to hold these sessions at my Abbey and the precise dates and accommodations available.

If you are interested in these sessions, please let me know – without obligation – by writing to me at dmccarthy AT kansasmonks DOT org. In addition you may also contact Reggie directly to express your interest to him at:

Reginald Thomas Foster
3553 S 41st St, no. 403
Milwaukee WI 53221-5744

cell: (four one four) seven five five – nine six eight six.

Note: Please do not let the monastic location put you off. No religious participation is presumed in this experience of classical Latin of Cicero. If we are able to host this event, we have guest rooms, meals are available in the monastic refectory, a kitchenette is available, economic hotels are located in town and the Benedictine sisters across town have  accommodations in their conference center at Mount St Scholastica Monastery.

Again, I shall finalize arrangements and available accommodations by the end of December 2013 and shall post them here. Tentatively mark your calendar and write to me to express your interest and await confirmation.

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