3 January UPDATE

Reggie receives a doctorate honoris causa from Notre Dame University

Doctoratus honoris causa, Notre Dame

UPDATE 11 February 2016:

Reggie was released from hospital after a short stay. I called him yesterday and he sure sounds good, stronger than when I last saw him on Christmas day. He continues to hold class sessions, now in the same building as his residence, which is so much easier for him.

UPDATE 03 January:

Reggie was admitted this afternoon to the Intensive Care Unit of Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, where he remains in stable condition.

BACK TO SCHOOL 05 December:

Reggie is scheduled to begin teaching once again on this coming Tuesday, 8 December 2015 in a lecture hall just down from the hall from his room in his new residence at:

St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus
3800 N 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53222-2504

I have provided a google map here to help people find his new location.

I am now in Milwaukee reviewing the final proofs of our first volume Ossa Latinitatis Sola.

UPDATE 22 November:

I chatted with Reggie on the phone today and he sounds much better and is in good spirits. He has been discharged from hospital and is in rehabilitation at:

St. Anne’s Salvatorian  Campus
3800 N 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53222-2504

You may phone him on his cell phone; the number is available here. I suspect that he does not have a phone from the house in his room, so it is best to call his cell phone. Nevertheless, the front desk number is: +1 (414) 463-7570.

It might even be possible that, once he regains his strength, the house would make a room available for Reggie to teach Latin just down the hall from his private room.


I have received the final proofs of the Ossa book. It has 857 pages, and the end material, appendix, indices, etc are yet to be added. I shall begin reviewing the entire book with Reggie on Wednesday 2 December. Once we have completed our review, the publisher will make the changes. If all goes well, the book will then be printed and published. I looked on Amazon and the expected date is now 11 February 2016.

UPDATE 13 November:

Happy birthday, Reggie,
on Saturday 14 Nov.
Get well soon!

“The doctor seems upbeat”. Last Sunday Reggie was transferred from intensive care to a regular hospital room. His heart checks out fine. He is receiving therapy to ease his breathing. He has a feeding tube due to lack of appetite. His mild confusion at times is improving, but mostly he is the same Reggie we know. The doctor hopes to be able to discharge Reggie to a place for rehabilitation “in a few days”. I suspect that Reggie’s cell phone has been restored to him. He may be more available for calls in the afternoon due to greater medical attention during the mornings.

The publisher has informed me that the final proofs of the book OSSA LATINITATIS SOLA will be ready for Reggie and me to review during the month of December while I’m in Milwaukee. Once he and I have completed our review of 870 pages, we’ll send our comments to the publisher who expects to be ready to enter corrections and publish the book in the near future.

Felix esto tibi, Reginalde.

UPDATE 10 November:

Reggie is off the critical care floor of the hospital, but still is somewhat disoriented after his ordeal. When he is focused, he is the Reggie we all know. He continues to receive rehabilitation therapy (thanks to Michael Mahar who visits Reggie). I’m sure get well cards would be appreciated.

UPDATE 7 November:

Good news: Reggie is off the breathing tube and is talking once again and eating

Original posting 5 November:

A few days ago Reggie was admitted to St Luke’s hospital in Milwaukee to care for his legs. While in hospital, Reggie stopped breathing, but was quickly revived. He remains in critical but stable condition. Reggie does acknowledge people, but he remains sedated to relieve the discomfort from a breathing tube that prohibits him from speaking. They do not yet know what caused the incident.

He is in the Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU), where he is closely monitored, but the nurses severely restrict access to Reggie. His cell phone was left at home, and its voice mailbox is full.

His religious superior requests your prayers.

Get Well Reggie

You may send cards to Reggie at:

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center
Reginald Foster
2900 West Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Get well ReggieIn the long term you may send your cards to him at the provincial office attached to St. Florian Church where he holds his Latin encounters:

Reginald Foster
Provincial Office
1233 South 45th Street
West Milwaukee, WI 53214-3693

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Update on the OSSA book

Regarding the book Ossa Latinitatis Sola, Reggie and I have been planning to review the final proofs this December. I’ll post updates on this web-site.

Peace, Daniel

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