The OSSA book has entered production phase at the Press. Schedule below.

Stay tuned for the date of publication. Reggie talks about teaching Latin with OSSA:

If video of Reggie and Dan does not appear, watch it here on YouTube.

Copy editing OSSA

Abdij Keizersberg, Leuven, BelgiumOn 24 September the copy editor began a second and final review of the book. Two weeks later, I received the revised text (reading sheets to follow soon).

WOW that was fast! We are moving now.

This week Reggie should receive a printed copy with the suggested revisions marked. He and I shall go through every page of the book and consult by phone as necessary. Reggie is in Milwaukee and I’m at Keizersberg Abbey in Leuven, Belgium.

Once Reggie and I complete our review of the suggested revisions, I’ll send the text back to the publisher, Catholic University of America Press.

Graphic designs & photos

At the same time the graphic design of several of the reading sheets will be provided by members of the Paideia Institute, and Daniel Gallagher will provide several photos of inscriptions in Rome to enhance the book. Michael McCarthy will adjust the photos for publication in print format.

Date of publication

Soon thereafter the publisher will announce the date of publication, also to be announced here.

Advance discounts

Advance purchase discounts will be made available. Stay tuned.


The publisher will then format the book, and next Reggie and I shall review the formatted text.


Next OSSA LATINITATIS SOLA goes to the printer.

Again, we’ll announce the expected date of publication so you can plan your curriculum for the Autumn of 2015 (or Spring 2015, for those down under).


Caffe ReggioMany thanks to the Paideia Institute and especially to Claire Burgess and the Paideia 2014 – 2015 Rome Fellows, Christopher Cochran and Amy Garland, for their contribution to the graphic design of several of the reading sheets. One of the happy results of Reggie’s birthday celebration in Washington last month was that the director of the press met with Reggie and Jason Pedicone who offered the contribution of the Paideia Institute to this project.

Thanks are due to Mgr. Daniel Gallagher for providing several photos of inscriptions in Rome, including one of Reggie’s best inscriptions, that commemorating the renovation of the Typografia in Vatican City.

This web-site would not be possible without the assistence of Michael McCarthy who hosts the site and provides technical support for this and about ten other web-sites we produce.

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