Latin online with Reginald Foster Summer 2020

Dear Latin Lovers,

Due to technical and pedagogical difficulties Reginald is unable to continue with the Zoom structure and operation, as you probably noticed this past week and the suffering he was going through.  It was all a tremendous surprise and disappointment for him being used to in-person classes and teaching. The only solution he finds right now is to do the same thing in a similar way using FaceTime, but by individual appointments. He hopes you understand and is willing to teach Latin and give you all he has to offer, but not by Zoom, but rather in FaceTime.

You can reach him at this number to set up times for instruction at the phone number provided on this page.

Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXX

ON Facetime

Register: Join the sessions held online via FaceTime by sending an email request to Prof. Dr. Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent at this address. She will help you to communicate with Reggie and can send to you the reading sheets in PDF format, or you can download them below.

Reading sheets: please download these reading sheets along with the calendar. Please have them at hand during class time so that we may read them together. You may print the images on legal size paper for which they were made, or on A4 paper which is slightly larger and so easier to read. The reading sheets may be dowloaded in three parts:
Part 1 is for Juniors, the first session in the afternoon.
Part 2 is for Juniors and Seniors, the second session in the afternoon.
Part 3 is for Seniors, the third session in the afternoon.

For more information I have a whole packet with:

• a Latin presentation of the whole undertaking (download here),
• an English presentation of the Summer program (download here),
• the daily calendar (download here),
• the academic contract (download here).

To inquire, write:

Reginald Thomas Foster
3800 N. 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53222-2504
cell: [country code: one] (four one four) seven five five – nine six eight six

cover image of book - Latin Summer 2016

Please enjoy reading your copy of Ossa Latinitatis SolaThe Mere Bones of Latin, and bring it with you, because there will be continual references to the teaching presented herein.

In January 2020 you will be able to pre-order the second book Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant, which will be better than the first which it presupposes. Look for the Spring and Summer catalogue of CUA Press available here.

Reginald’s first published chapter on the principles of the subjunctive, purpose and result clauses, the gerund and gerundive and much more is in Appreciating the Collect.

Reginald’s latest publication consists of his translations of the short texts of the Easter vigil in Transition in the Easter Vigil.

Another Latin Summer 2020 programme at Ealing, London for one week, 12-23 August 2019 is taught from a draft copy of the Ossa Latinitatis Sola book. We also teach from a draft copy of our second book, Ossium Carnes Multae, a course spent simply reading and understanding the letters of Cicero.

I have begun to compile a web-page with a few Latin resources for use in teaching.

Download the parts of the packet by clicking on the images below or the links above. To receive the preliminary assessment for both levels of juniors and seniors you must write a note to Reginald and he will return it in the post.

Link to English description of the Latin summer school
English description of the Summer program
Image of calendar of daily content
Contract for Reggie’s students
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