Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday: image of Reggie recieving a doctorate honoris causa from Notre Dame University

Reggie received a doctorate honoris causa from Notre Dame University

Happy Birthday Reginald
Tuesday, 14 November


You may wish to send your greetings to Reggie at:

Reginald Foster
3800 N. 92nd St
Milwaukee, WI 53222-2504

+one (four-one-four) seven-five-five – nine-six-eight-six

Birthday celebration

Three years on from Reggie’s 75th birthday bash, you may wish to look back on that great event when he was fetted by scores of alumni at a celebration hosted by the Paideia Institute, Jason Pedicone President, held in Washington DC. You may read about that event and the festschrift and liber amicorum at this web-site. The photos of that celebration were made available by Jason here.

Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant

“Cicero’s letters put meat on the bones”.

If you had any doubt about how to teach Latin using the Ossa book, we are preparing extensive examples on how to use Cicero’s letters ad familiares to teach Latin from the very first encounter through all five Experiences of the Latin language.

The Cicero book, Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant includes:

  • The text of 51 letters written by Cicero to family and friends,
  • Translations of each letter,
  • 500 sentences of Cicero under 5 words or less
  • Extensive notes on how Cicero expresses himself using Latin,
  • Numerous dialogues showing how to teach Latin from Cicero from the first day,
  • Hear how Reggie speaks and interacts in the classroom,
  • On the value of these Letters for learning to think “Latinly”.

This volume is the fulfillment of Reggie’s doctoral dissertation, which was interrupted by 40 years as papal Latinist. Reggie once said that after several years in the office, he took the draft of his doctoral thesis – hundreds of pages written in Latin – out to the trash and threw them all away.

Now, after a full career, Reggie has taken up the subject of his doctoral thesis once again, and with a mature hand he presents his method of teaching the Latin language from the letters of Cicero from the very first day through an entire education in the Latin language.

Cicero’s every sentence is a symphony of the whole Latin language.

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