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3 January UPDATE

UPDATE 03 January: Reggie was admitted this afternoon to the Intensive Care Unit of Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, where he remains in stable condition. BACK TO SCHOOL 05 December: Reggie is scheduled to begin teaching once again on this coming Tuesday, 8 December 2015 in a lecture hall just down from the hall from his room in his new […]

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Writing with Reggie Foster

My personal story about writing with Reggie is available below, in the current issue of Kansas Monks on pages 11-12. If you cannot read the article above, it is available here, on pages 11-12 of the present issue of Kansas Monks also available here. Writing with Reggie From the beginning it was clear that Reggie could lead me into […]

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update OSSA: The Mere Bones of Latin

For you who have pre-ordered and perhaps hoped to be using it already in your teaching, here is an update OSSA: The Mere Bones of Latin Several weeks ago Reggie and I sent the 120 pages of corrected sample proofs back to the publisher with our corrections, suggestions. The publisher is currently updating those pages and preparing the […]

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Latin course 2015-2016

The organizational meeting for the Latin course held during the academic year 2015-2016 will be held on the first Monday of October – 5 October 2015 – beginning at 2:00 PM in the church hall located in the basement of the church: St Florian’s Church 1215 S 45th St West Milwaukee, WI 53214 USA. Reginald will […]

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