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Title Page of book series

Title Page

The title page of the series reads: “LATIN’S BODY”  REGINALD BEING THE OVERSEER DANIEL THE ASSISTANT The first page proofs have arrived for our final review of the book OSSA LATINITATIS SOLA: the mere bones of Latin. I’m delighted to see the final presentation take such beautiful shape. Now Reggie and I get to review and […]

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Number 1 new release

Number 1

Number 1 New Release in Foreign Language Instruction on and the book is not even out yet! Reginald Foster’s method sweeps the charts! This new method of teaching the Latin language was developed by Reginald Foster while teaching hundreds of students in Rome during four decades while serving as the personal Latin secretary of four […]

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One letter can kill you


Please update your bookmark for Ossa Latinitatis Sola. Pre-order direct. Download flyer. “One letter can kill you!”, Reggie says, to indicate that the entire meaning of a Latin word can change by changing one letter. Get one letter wrong and the whole meaning is lost. Sad to say, this happened on a global scale, in the Latin title of our book Ossa […]

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book cover detail

Bones of Latin

Bones of Latin are rattling about Pre-order your copy of OSSA LATINITATIS SOLA “The Mere Bones of Latin” by Reginald Foster – Daniel McCarthy Pre-order online from CUA Press here. Download the pre-order form and flyer. Anticipated release in October 2015. Paperback: $39.95 eBook: $39.95 Reggie talks about teaching Latin with OSSA: If video of Reggie and […]

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