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Latin Summer 2016

Latin Summer 2016 with Reginald Foster Monday 6 June – Saturday 30 July 2016 Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXVI Latin Summer 2016 Click on image to download a poster you may print & post or email: For more information I have a whole packet with • a Latin presentation of the whole undertaking, • an English presentation of the […]

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Golden Anniversary

Golden Anniversary of Ordination FELIX ESTO REGINALDO Today marks 50 years of accomplishments since Reginald’s presbyteral ordination at the church of San Pancrazio, Rome. Some friends and students gathered with Reggie for a small reception in the classroom in Milwaukee. As you can see, Reggie is doing well and sends you his greetings. Send your greetings or […]

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Ludi Domestici

UPDATE: I incorrectly labeled one year. We have all of 1996-1997. We are lacking anything before 1996 and the two years from 1997-1999, as well as the others indicated below. Send your Ludi Domestici, “Home Games” from Reggie’s experiences in Rome, please, to complete the collection projected to be published as a companion volume to Ossa Latinitatis Sola: The […]

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Proofs of OSSA Latinitatis Sola

Another publication date has come and past, so I wish to update you on our progress on the OSSA book. Some of you may have hoped to be teaching with this book already. Publishing this text has been a monumental task, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to push ahead. First, I called Reggie recently and he sounds stronger […]

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