Review done

cover image of book - Review doneReggie and I have completed our review of the final proofs of Ossa Latinitatis SolaThe Mere Bones of Latin. We sent our final comments to the publisher and do not anticipate the need for another review by us – all 880 pages!

October publication date

The publication date is given as October on the publisher’s web-page for OSSA. Now that the publisher has the final corrections, he may wish to refine the final date, so stay tuned.

Reggie is in the midst of teaching his Latin summer school in Milwaukee.

We use his method to teach Latin 8-19 August 2016 in London, England. Join us and discover what is distinctive about his proven method of teaching the Latin language.

Review done, so enjoy a video

I always enjoy sharing this video in which Reggie talks about teaching Latin with OSSA:

If video of Reggie and Dan does not appear, watch it here on YouTube.

Peace, Daniel

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