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Another publication date has come and past, so I wish to update you on our progress on the OSSA book. Some of you may have hoped to be teaching with this book already. Publishing this text has been a monumental task, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to push ahead.

First, I called Reggie recently and he sounds stronger than when I left him on Christmas day. He has begun teaching again and welcomes people to come and read Latin texts with him.

Reggie and I spent most of December working together in Milwaukee. We reviewed the proofs of the OSSA text. This was the first time we had seen the whole text formatted for the final book.

I have since moved to Rome and have settled in at Sant’Anselmo where I have begun to teach Liturgy in the Pontifical Liturgy Institute.

Of late I have been able to work once again on the proofs. I have entered the remainder of our corrections and am completing my review of the rest of the book that did not need Reggie’s consideration during our already busy time together. Since there is a complete set of reading sheets for each of five experiences in the book, the formatting on those texts alone has required much attention.

I have already entered nearly 5,000 corrections, with 150 pages yet to go out of the 857 page proof text. I hope to send the marked-up proof text to the publisher within the week. Next the publisher will need some time to enter all of the corrections, I estimate two or three months.

With so many corrections to make, I hope that the publisher will want to send the final set of proofs back to me so that I might confirm that each change was made, without conducting any further review of the text. If there are any further changes to make, I’ll indicate them and send the proof text back to the publisher.

Upon entering those corrections, the publisher will finally be ready to publish the OSSA book. I suspect that all of this will take several more months.

The publisher has never printed a book with so many pre-orders before; the number is wildly beyond their expectation. Lest they have to go into a second printing right away, it would help the publisher and it would ensure that you receive a first printing, if you pre-order the book.

Please distribute the flyer to friends and colleagues by email or posting, download it here.

You may pre-order online from CUA Press here.

Or you may pre-order at a discount from Amazon.

I always enjoy sharing this video in which Reggie talks about teaching Latin with OSSA:

If video of Reggie and Dan does not appear, watch it here on YouTube.

Peace, Daniel

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