Latin course 2015-2016

Reginald Foster Latin course discussion with a former studentDownload here the curriculum for Reginald’s Latin experiences held during school term.

The organizational meeting for the Latin course held during the academic year 2015-2016 will be held on the first Monday of October – 5 October 2015 – beginning at 2:00 PM in the church hall located in the basement of the church:

St Florian’s Church
1215 S 45th St
West Milwaukee, WI 53214

Reginald will wait in front of the church until 2:00 to welcome participants. Next to the main front stairs of the church, there is a door at ground level on either side that lead to the basement hall.

Thereafter class sessions are held at the same parish hall. According to our system the people who show up can change the schedule of our afternoon sessions within certain limits. It all depends on who is coming or not, who can or cannot make it. We will take care of the people who come.


Universum Latinitatis Curriculum

Click on the icon to download the curriculum for Reginald’s Latin experiences held during school term

If you wish to study Latin with Reginald Foster, please write to him for printed details of the courses. Send your inquiry and your return address to him by post at:

Reginald Foster
3553 S 41st St, no. 403
Milwaukee WI 53221-5744

cell: (four one four) seven five five – nine six eight six.

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