You might phone Reggie during this time of sequestration yet again.

Reggie is in sequestration. Reggie Foster speaking for his 80th birthday
From sequestration: I’m fine!

From sequestration Reggie says:

I am fine!

Valutidune optima diurumpor.
I am exploding with the best health.

Dies huius cito transibunt interclusionis – pereant auctores eius omnes ad unum.
The days of this seclusion will pass quickly – ….

Google Duo video chat with Reggie

You may now contact Reggie in sequestration using Google Duo (link) which works with android phones.

FaceTime with Reggie

You may still contact Reggie using FaceTime.

Phone classic

HIs personal mobile phone number is + one (four one four) seven five five – nine six eight six.

Boethius: Songs of Consolation

Reggie is very grateful to have received a CD called (link):

Boethius: Songs of Consolation

Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant

Reggie is in sequestration. Image is of cover of book: Ossium Carnes Multae

We are celebrating the printing of the second volume in our series Latinitatis corpus. It should be available some time in February. Receive your print or digital version ASAP from the publisher CUA Press.

Ossium Carnes Multae: The Bones’ Meats Abundant (link) features our understanding of how Cicero expressed himself in his native Latin thought as given in 51 of his some 900 letters to friends and associates.

Os praesens Ciceronis epistularis:
The immediate mouth of Cicero in his letters

This is the conversational and oral compoonent of the same 51 letters of Cicero.


  • Listen to Reggie reading the 51 letters,
  • follow along by reading the Latin or the English while you listen.


  • Conversations from Latin literature,
  • Classroom conversations show how to teach with Cicero’s letters from the very first day,
  • Cicero’s letters in Latin with our translations in full on facing pages.
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