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29 September, Ossa publishedOssa published soon:
29 September!

The publisher expects to receive printed copies of Ossa Latinitatis SolaThe Mere Bones of Latin on 29 September 2016. Shortly thereafter they will ship copies from the warehouse in the USA. For overseas orders, it may take a week or two for the distributor to ship them to international distribution centres.

The publisher charges only US $39.95, but it is even less on Amazon, all 870 pages!

cover image of bookDownload a flyer for the Ossa book here
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Clear instruction in the Latin language is given from the first encounter to encounter 105 over the course of three academic years. This method was developed by Reginald Foster while teaching countless students over decades in Rome, as he served as Papal Latinist for four popes.

Summer Latin Academy, Milwaukee

Reggie held his usual Summer Latin Academy for eight weeks during July and August once again in 2016, and they did better than ever! He holds the sessions annually in Milwaukee and they are free and open to the public for those adequately prepared for this advanced instruction.

Private tutoring

Reggie is also available for private tutoring by appointment at his residence in Milwaukee. Contact information and a map are available on this web-site. I recommend that doctoral students bring their translations of Latin texts to Reggie for his review.

Latin Summer Programme, London

This Monday, 8 August we in London, UK, begin teaching the Latin language with Reggie’s method during our two-week summer Latin programme at Ealing Abbey. The next time we shall teach with OSSA published, and all our students will be able to read Reggie’s instruction directly. Then during the classroom session we will have only to read authentic Latin texts from every era and author. Reading and understanding the texts patiently and playing with them a bit we shall surface very many questions and hone our understanding.

I always enjoy showing this video of Reggie explaining all about the OSSA book. Enjoy. Daniel


If video of Reggie and Dan does not appear, watch it here on YouTube.


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