Many have asked how Reginald teaches colloquial Latin. He does so beginning with a sentence of original Latin discourse and then plays with it in many ways. Here is an example with the sentence of Cicero: multum te amamus. Reggie then uses a few adverbs and plays with the same sentence throughout the Latin verb system. To listen to this extemporaneous speech of Reginald, click on the following: MULTUM TE AMAMUS   Dan … [Read more...]

lupus in fabula

Today we were expecting someone's arrival and had just mentioned his name when he walked in the door. When we might have said, "speak of the devil, and he will appear", Reggie said "Lupus in fabula", literally, "wolf in the story". Consult a good dictionary under the entry for either lupus or fabula. To hear Reginald read from Cicero's letter to Atticus, 13, 33 where Cicero uses this expression, click on the following link: Att 13, 33, a … [Read more...]


Aestiva Milvauchiae Latinitas MMXII The dates are announced: Monday June 4 - Saturday July 28 2012   For more information I have a packet with a presentation of the whole undertaking, an English presentation of the Summer program, the daily calendar, the academic contract and then finally the preliminary assessment regarding preparation for both levels of Iuniores and Seniores. To inquire, write:   Reginald Thomas Foster 3553 S 41st St, no. 403 Milwaukee WI … [Read more...]